Hi, I'm Rob Lillack, proud father of three and a software architect from Leipzig. I like motorbikes. Oh, and there's some cool software I created. My twitter username is @roblillack.

Recovering audio by processing high speed video.

Source: MIT. Via: Engadget.

How hard is it to get a git hash collision? 

Bitrot and atomic COWs: Inside “next-gen” filesystems 

Very informative article about the vital features of “fifth generation file systems” and why you need to upgrade ASAP.

Great series of photos of early Apple prototypes from Hartmut Esslinger's new book Keep It Simple.

Looks like self-driving cars are really going to happen.

Via engadget.

The future that everyone forgot 

Lovely write-up of all the nice things Danger, Inc. brought to the (by then not yet called like this) smartphone table in the early 2000s, before it quickly evaporated after being snatched up by Microsoft.

Nice (and, alas, as expensive) alternative to the Brammo. Review of the 2014 Zero Motorcycles SR.

This page scientifically designed to annoy web hipsters.

The OpenBSD guys finally forked OpenSSL: Make sure to check out ‘OpenSSL Rampage’ to see what they stumbled upon!

An Eye Tracking Study on camelCase and under_score Identifier Styles 

So, finally the circle is closing: Nowadays, people are not writing web browsers using text editor technology, but the other way round: From ATOM to ZED.