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Google Workspace alternatives for families

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Google will shutdown the legacy G Suite accounts (formerly ‘Google Apps for Your Domain’) in May 2022. So it really is time to look for alternatives for the (arguably) bog-standard email use-case that is my family and me.

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JMAP is now a “proposed standard” of the IETF

RFC8620: The JSON Meta Application Protocol (JMAP)

I'm a fan of email.

Everyone tells you that email is the reason why you are unproductive. That same people, however try to sell you the next instant messenger as the "solution" to the mental overload of having thousands of mails in your inbox. Most of these tools, though, only work with horribly fat, closed clients that need your immediate attention 100% of the time. There's no labeling, sorting, or starring of messages. There's no good way to communicate in batches. IMHO, Messaging has its place, but it's not a replacement for email.

Email, on the other hand, is the mature tool that silently helps you get stuff done. I'm a fan of email.

Also, I have always been a fan of Fastmail. While I'm currently not a customer (I was at two different occasions), I applaud the team's drive to keep the worlds email infrastructure as open as possible.

Mail is one of the last uses of the Internet, where open standards still matter and JMAP sounds like the next step in the right direction to keep it like this.

Kawasaki Versys 650 review

Superbly directed review of the freshly updated Kawasaki Versys 650. This is how you should do reviews on YouTube.

UX Critique

UX Critique

Dabbling in user interface design? This blog is a must-read.


In case you haven’t seen it, yet: Masquerade has this awesome realtime face-tracking and rendering technology that looks like its coming straight from the future. Man, augmented reality has come a long way.

Give it a try on your iPhone!

Google C++ Style Guide: Integer Types

Google C++ Style Guide: Integer Types

Every once in a while people complain that your API is not exposing unsigned types. Especially without implicit type conversion (read: Go) it can be tiring “to be forced” to cast to unsigned integers everywhere.

This is the link to handout in such cases.

Update: Even more depth explanation.

Via: Reddit.

Bicycling Magazine: ‘Senseless’

Bicycling Magazine: ‘Senseless’

Most comprehensible article about the current state of bicycling helmet technology you will find.

The Million Meter Challenge

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On January 1st 2014, I decided to take another stab at running. Since then, I have been running every single day. Here’s how I set the right goal for myself. I’d been running on and off for years now, sometimes even taking part in smaller races without any real achievement. I had ran my first 10K in 2011 without any preparation. It was a near-death experience with an average heartbeat of 194 during the one hour and ten minutes long run.

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Recovering audio by processing high speed video

Source: MIT. Via: Engadget.

How hard is it to get a git hash collision?

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